Transport Packaging Systems For Any Application

The Fabri-Form Solution Pack is an economical, reusable shipping containter that is designed for the handling and storage of a variety of products.

The Fabri-Form Solution Pack can be setup or taken down by one person, helping reduce labor costs while protecting your product.

Additional benefits are the Solution Packs light weight and ease of cleaning. It also increases your storage space and lowers your shipping costs.

The Solution Pack is mad from polyolefins which are virtually impervious to acids, caustics and other chemicals.

36" and 42" Sleeves are in stock but a host of other options are available for any customer requirement.

  • Paper or Plastic Sleeve
  • Locking Tabs and Features
  • Drop Gates
  • Custom Screen Printing on Sleeve
  • Multiple Configuratio

Benefits of Thermoformed Plastic Pallets and Packs

Cost Reduction
Elimination of Broken Pallets
Elimination of Repair Expense
Elimination of High Disposal Cost
Extended Working Life - 100's of Trips
Residual Vlaue of Recyclable Plastic

Reduction of Back Strains
No Broken Boards, No Rusty Nails

Can be stores outside, conserving warehouse space.


Lighter than wood
Easier to handle by personnel
Consistent in weight
Reduced Shipping

Always Square
Consistent Length, Width and Height

Impervious to Misusages, Chemicals and Odors
Cleans Easily with Pressure Washers

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