Location of our 3 Manufacturing Plants

1.- New Concord, Ohio
2.- Pekin, Indiana
3.- Blufton, Indiana


Characteristics of our company:

Founded in 1943
ISO 9002 Certification
S.P.C. Controlled Production
With 3 manufacturing plants in Ohio and Indiana, our facilities house all processes from the planning stage, fabrication, tooling, thermoforming of thick sheets, manufacturing and on time delivery of finished products using our company trucks to any destination or port in the Continental USA.

Production, Manufacturing and Testing Equipment.

Engineering, Design and Testing Sector:

Complete Computer Systems devoted for Auto CAD design of models.
Finite Element Modeling and Analysis
3D Modeling
Modern Laboratory Testing -Vibration Analysis - Compression Analysis - Stacking Analysis

Computer Modeling in 2 or 3D

Vibration and Compression Testers in our Modern Laboratory


Manufacturing Sector:

Pattern and Prototype Fabrication
Production Tooling Equipment
Plastic Sheet Extrusion
Vacuum Forming - Single, Twin and Dual Sheet
Machining and Fabrication Operations
Robotic Trimming
Pressure Forming
Material Reclamation

Mold Fabrication for Special Prototypes

The Fabri Form Co. Equipment

Custom Sheet Extruders
CNC Milling/Machining
Rotary Vacuum Forming Machines
Die Cutting and Trimming Presses
Mechanical Fastening, Trimming, Routing, Assembly and Packaging
Pressure Forming
Material Recycling

CNC Mills for computerized machining of composite molds

For more information, please contact us at: info@solutionpallet.com
Tel (506) 220-3562 Fax (506) 220-0103 / P.O.Box 2148-1000 San Jose, Costa Rica.

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